Let us introduce our team.

Our CEO’s CV and Profile

Name: Katsuya Sukino
Age: 33 (born in 1987)
Education: Kumamoto Technical High School
Work Experience: Kumamoto City Hall (9 years)
Goovice LLC (7 years) Present
Hobbies and Interests: reading, walking, futsal

Overseas countries have more advanced ideas than Japan in certain areas. I want to adopt those ideas in ways that are acceptable to the Japanese and improve the Japanese culture and environment.

I’m thinking not only about “what our customers want” but also about “what is best for Japan”. I don’t want to just sell stuff. I want to promote the ideas and visions that created them and make Japan a place where we appreciate a variety of unique ideas.


“Early 30s, full-time employee, manager, 3 years on the job”

Mr. Ueno is responsible for tasks that have direct bearing on sales and profits such as product selection, creating product pages, pricing, advertisement and budgeting merchandise purchases.
He has a proactive mindset and eagerness to learn which help him to truly understand our business. He also has a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to tangible results such as sales and profits.
As such, it took him only 3 years to be promoted to manager.
I hope that in 2020, he will build a successful work team with all of our employees and run the company and master the trade.

Assistant Manager

“Early 30s, full-time employee, manager, 3 years on the job”

Mr. Kawamoto is developing various performance measures and sales strategies on Rakuten and Yahoo in order to improve the quality of our product pages.
The business systems and performance measures he created brought good results. As such, he is making positive contributions to the development of our business
He is a fast learner who excels in business system planning. He is also good at bringing the best out of people.
He is an office clown who makes us relax with a great sense of humor.

Full-time employee

“Early 30s, full-time employee, clerical work, 6 years on the job”

She is in charge of essential tasks such as paperwork and bookkeeping.
I’m also counting on her to deal with unexpected problems at work.
She has a deep understanding of our company’s business, policies and guidelines because she is the longest-serving employee.
I hope that she will be able to exercise more decision-making power in the near future.

“Early 30s, full-time employee, clerical work, 3 years on the job”

As a clerical supervisor, she supports all of our employees to make sure our office runs smoothly, including non-routine paperwork, liaison with business partners, and dealing with various troubles.
She is indispensable to the company management although she does not have a clear job title.
I can count on her to get the job done because she has a tough mindset and a strong sense of responsibility.
She is also in charge of heavy responsibilities such as payment and safekeeping cash.

WFH employee

“Early 30s, WFH employee, clerical work, 6 years on the job”
She is the very first employee I hired six months after our foundation.
She has been serving our company since the beginning when we didn’t even have an office until now. She has been doing a huge amount of clerical work ever since I hired her and making great contributions to the expansion of our company.

“Mid 40s, WFH employee, copywriter, 5 years on the job”
She writes breathtakingly beautiful sentences, perhaps because she loves to read.
When I first hired her, I assigned her day-to-day clerical work. But now she is in charge of creative writing such as product descriptions and titles.
She is a woman of virtue and great personality and a role model for us.

Part-time employees

“Early 30s, part-time employee, designer, 5 years on the job”
She is in charge of overseeing the entire creation process of product pages.
She drastically improved our product pages and our sales skyrocketed!
She is our go-to gal for creating product pages.

“Mid 40s, part-time employee, website manager, 4 years on the job”
She is responsible for a variety of tasks related to the operation of online stores.
She knows the ins and outs of our business and makes sure to complete the tasks assigned to her.
She is like a mom to us. She has a sweet personality and a positive influence on our workplace.

“Early 30s, part-time employee, website manager, 4 years on the job”
She has an aptitude for a variety of roles, perhaps because of her previous work experience running online stores.
She is a quick learner who can wear many hats. As such, she is responsible for managing the unexpected at work.
She is a highly effective employee who supports all of us and makes the full-timers’ work easier.

“Mid 30s, part-time employee, clerical work, 1 year on the job”
She is responsible for various types of paperwork that comes with ordering and purchasing products.
She is a diligent person who makes sure to complete each and every task assigned to her.
She is also eager to learn on the job. As such, she is learning a variety of clerical skills right now.

“Early 30s, part-time employee, designer, 1 year on the job”
She hit the ground running taking advantage of her previous work experience creating product pages and shooting product photos.
She is a fast learner and has good taste in design which is one of her fortes.
She is also uplifting and energetic and gives us the sweetest greetings in our office.